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Epiblepharon is a condition in which a horizontal redundant skin fold under the eyelid induces an abnormal vertical orientation of the eyelashes, often resulting in the eyelashes touching the eyeball. Entropion is a true abnormal eyelid margin rotation, causing the eyelashes to touch the eyeball. Congenital entropion can occur in conjunction with congenital epiblepharon. The causes of congenital epiblepharon or entropion include improper development of the lower eyelid retractors with possible dehiscence near the tarsal plate, microphthalmos, and enophthalmos.

Epiblepharon tends to get better by itself as the patient grows, whereas entropion does not. The treatment of epiblepharon depends on the presence of corneal damage caused by lashes scratching the cornea.

The treatment of congenital entropion is surgical. Surgery can be delayed as long as the corneal findings are not severe.