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Let's face it. Everyone wants a glowing complexion. Whether you have old acne scars, blemishes, an uneven skin tone or are simply applying an "ounce of prevention...", a good skin regime is mandatory. The question is not "what" we want, but rather, "how" do we get it?

Heading to a leading department store to purchase an expensive, name brand skincare line is often a common mistake that many people make. Many manufacturers have become very clever in their use of ingredients and are able to mimic the "real" active ingredients affect on the skin. Use of waxes, for example, can create the facade of a smoother, more refined texture, but over time, these types of ingredients may irritate and dehydrate the skin causing you to show signs of aging prematurely.

The fact is that any product able to be purchased without a prescription or through a physician probably cannot provide the concentration of active ingredients to truly make a change in your skin. If any product or ingredient is able to make a physiological change, by definition it is considered a drug and such drugs require a prescription or are only available at your doctor's office.

Another common misconception to obtaining a healthy complexion is scheduling a facial at the local commercial day spa. Day spas are the ideal place for a relaxing retreat and peaceful rejuvenation, however, often the results of your facial will only last about two days. Without a physician overseeing the treatment, clinicians are unable to use the same concentrations of quality active ingredients and are unable to provide a truly stimulating facial.

Although many do not feel that their skin tone and texture constitutes a trip to a dermatologist, they don't realize that their options do not stop at the cosmetic counter or a day spa. Physician quality skincare products are no longer limited to dermatologists, they are being offered at many plastic surgery offices along with a full line of skincare treatment options.

At the Ophthalmic Facial Plastic Surgery Institute, we believe that beneficial and stimulating skin therapy does not have to forego the extra pampering of a day spa. Here, we combine the luxury of a "spa" facial with the results that only a medical treatment can provide.

To better compliment our treatments, great care and research went into selecting the finest quality and highest concentrated products to offer our patients. Our, on staff, Licensed Aesthetician can recommend the perfect anti-aging home regime to compliment your in office therapy or assist with determining the cause of problematic skin and the appropriate skincare regime allowing you to achieve your treatment goals. Whether you require a minimalist approach or are ready to defeat the aging process with all guns blazing, our product lines have something suitable for all skin types and all skin needs.