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The eyes have commonly been referred to as "the windows to the soul". Because the eyelids are such a vital part of your face and the eyes provide your most important sense, vision, this highly complicated eyelid area requires a great deal of expertise and should only be trusted to a surgeon with the highest level of ophthalmologic and eyelid surgery training. An Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, also known as an Eyelid Surgeon, Oculoplastic Surgeon, or Oculofacial Specialist, has received the most extensive training in eyelid surgery and orbital surgery as well as surgery in the adjacent regions of the face.

Dr. Sam Goldberger and Dr. Jason Peyman perform and specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery involving the eyelids and surrounding areas, including the orbit, forehead, eyebrows, mid-face and lacrimal system. Drs. Goldberger and Peyman have experience performing cosmetic procedures such as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, endoscopic and temporal brow lifts, forehead lifts, midface lifts, laser resurfacing, fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing, upper eyelid surgery revision, lower eyelid surgery revision as well as mastering a multitude of medically necessary reconstructive procedures on both adult and pediatric patients. There are offices in both Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County and Fullerton in Orange County.

In most cases, Drs. Goldberger and Peyman perform surgery on an "outpatient" basis. Drs. Goldberger and Peyman use only the finest, most state of the art surgery centers with a staff of anesthesiologists and nurses specifically trained for outpatient surgical care. By carefully selecting the highest quality facilities, Drs. Goldberger and Peyman bring together a health care team committed to service excellence that is fully dedicated to your care and comfort. These comprehensive features assure you the highest quality surgical outcome.

Selecting the right surgeon is a fundamental part in beginning your quest to renew a youthful appearance or, even more importantly, obtain medically necessary treatment. To assist you with this most important task, we gladly offer our time and welcome your questions. We promise to provide you with caring and personalized attention to continue and maintain our high standards, excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction. Eyelid Surgery Q &A.